PLEASE NOTE: The information below is for reference only. When purchasing a helmet, please be sure to get it fitted by a professional. Your local bike shop is usually a great place to start as they are trained to properly fit a helmet.

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Helmet Safety is important to us. Before getting on your bike, everyone (yes, adults too), must wear a helmet that fits properly and has been well maintained. Head injuries are never good, and most can be avoided just by wearing a helmet. Follow these simple steps to make sure your helmet fits properly.


Follow the 4 S's Rule when fitting a helmet.  

(See the chart to the right)




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Every time you put your helmet on, be sure to do the 2V2 Quick Check. It is simple, and this is how it works:


2: 2 Fingers above your eyebrow. That is where the front of your helmet should come down to on your forehead.

V: V shaped straps should go around your ears. This will insure your straps are straight.

2: 2 Fingers (or less) should fit beneath your chin strap and your chin. Any looser and your helmet may not stay on!


You should always perform this quick check every time you put on your helmet.


How Does A Helmet Protect the Noggin’ (you know…your brain) when you fall?

 There is a layer of thick foam inside the helmet that absorbs the impact should you fall on your head. That’s good. The foam inside will crush and break and take the beating, and hopefully your head will not.

So Why Is It Important To NOT Drop Your Helmet?

Every time you drop your helmet, the foam inside will break a little bit. After dropping your helmet many times, the foam will break up a lot. With it broken up, it will not be able to absorb the impact when you need it most, when you encounter a fall.  

By The Way: You can’t see the condition of the foam inside your helmet because it is covered by the shell of your helmet.

Store In A Cool Dry Place:

Do not leave your helmet exposed to the elements when not wearing it. Out here in Sunny Southern California, constant sun can take a toll on the foam inside the helmet and cause it to break apart. So don’t leave your helmet outside in the yard. Store it away some place cooler and out of the elements, like your garage, when you are not wearing it.

Don’t Forget The Strap!

Too often, we see kids without the strap secured. Without the strap, your helmet can fly off your head and wont be there to protect you. An unstrapped helmet is like not wearing one at all!

Did You Know?

The outside of your helmet is made of a slick plastic, and there is a reason for that. Should you fall on your head, the helmet will slide and help prevent your neck from getting jerked.

IMPORTANT: Helmets are made for a variety of sports. Some for skateboarding, scootering, rollerskating and for biking. Some are made for all of the above! Check the stickers inside your helmet to see what your helmet is rated for and make sure it is rated for biking!