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What people are saying about their experience with FreeRiders.


Amazing! Tom taught my daughter how to ride without training wheels in less than 2 lessons! It was a "confidence thing" with her, before he stepped in (didn't want to go too fast, didn't trust her own abilities). Now she enjoys it and wants to go all the time!

-Dawn SD

We are SO proud of our son and he is so proud of himself too!

You were amazing with him - so patient, understanding and supportive, while encouraging him to safely push his comfort level and try something new. It was really the perfect balance for our sensitive little guy.

He was sad to say goodbye to you - it’s no wonder he truly enjoyed your time together and we can’t thank you enough!

 -Robyn M

Without Tom and FreeRiders our daughter would not have learned how to ride a bike.  Tom's patience and amazing teaching methods, gave Lauren the confidence and trust to ride a bike.  He was always encouraging her and made each lesson fun.  Lauren looked forward to working with Tom and loved how learning to ride a bike with Tom was fun and not frustrating, like it was with Mom and Dad.  Tom is the most patient and encouraging person and I would recommend FreeRiders to anyone who wants their child to ride with confidence.

- Alicia W.

Tom!!!! You are the greatest bike teacher in the whole wide world!!!!! I want to sing your praises all over this town!!! Gabe took her on a huge bike ride, she is such a trooper and now our whole family can ride together all because of you!!!  I want to recommend you to the whole world!!!! One lesson and you had her riding like a champ!!  


We tried to teach our son Noah how to ride his bike without training wheels on and off. In one hour, Tom taught him how to ride his bike. Tom is amazing, kind and has a lot of patience. After his lesson, we bought all new bikes and ride everyday!  I highly recommend Tom to teach children how to ride bikes!  

Darla G., Calabasas 

From a father telling us about his son's experience:

Judah: "Today was the best day of my life"

Me: "why's that?"

Judah: "Cuz I learned how to ride a bike" ... and I learned how to ride a bike before Zachary" (Zachary is his older brother)

Danny I.