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Learning how to ride a bike is about more than just staying up on two wheels.  It’s the first experience for most kids of real independence. Sure, some parents see a bike as another item taking up space in the garage, but we know it’s a path to so much more.  It’s about building confidence, boosting a positive state of mind, good health habits and sharing experiences with your kids.

For some, teaching a child to ride a bike is a Rite of Passage. For others, it is a less-than-desirable way to spend time with their kids. The crying, screaming, blaming, etc. that comes along with teaching a child to ride a bike may become too overwhelming and frustrating for some parents. And thats OK. We get it.

Our proven “fearless/tearless" technique to teaching a child to ride a bike is perfect for parents who would rather forgo the tears and enjoy the ride.  Leave it to us to have your child ride-ready!

At FreeRiders, most of our students "earn their wings" - riding free from training wheels - in just a few short hours. This is a proud moment for every child and a skill that will change their life forever.

If this sounds like something for you, we would be happy to help your child earn their "wings" and become a member of our growing family of Freeriders!

As we say here at FreeRiders, "get outside and enjoy the ride".