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What is your trick to getting my kid to ride?

We use a mixture of superhero "can do" and sprinkle in some pixie dust. The rest is very complicated rocket science.

Quite honestly, we don’t have any tricks, no smoke and mirrors. We use a simple, easy to follow plan that builds confidence in your child every step of the way. And most importantly, we have patience. Lots of patience. Remember, it isn’t our child, so we have a much higher threshold than you, the parents, do.

What Does My Child Need To Participate?

Your child will need his/her own bike, a certified proper fitting HELMET, a signed waiver and an eagerness to learn to ride. Oh, and be sure they are covered in sunscreen, have plenty of water and are wearing comfortable shoes (NO flip flops please). If your child does not have their own bike, we recommend borrowing a bike from a sibling or family friend. Once your child is able to ride on their own, we recommend a visit to a local bike shop so your child can test ride and pick out a bike that is safe, properly sized and is comfortable riding. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide bikes during training sessions.

What Is a Proper Fitting Helmet? Don’t All Helmets Work The Same?

It is amazing how many kids ride around with helmets that are not sized and/or worn correctly. Check out our section on helmets (how to properly size and wear them). We always suggest purchasing a trusted name brand when it comes to buying a helmet. We also suggest getting a helmet at a bike shop where they are trained to properly fit helmets. The helmet is the one item you do not want to skimp on. It is protecting the most important part of your child.

What Will They Learn After Their Training Is Completed? 

Our goal is for your child to ride with control, confidence and autonomy. We aren’t finished once your child gets up on their bike on their own. We teach them the fundamentals that they need to ride in a safe, controlled manner. This includes proper balance, turning, starting on their own and braking. If age appropriate, street safety can be addressed as well. 

How Old Does My Child Need to Be?

Your child can start as early as 4 with FreeRiders, but it really is dependent on the child. Does the child want to learn? We don’t like to push it, as the child should WANT to learn to ride without training wheels.

How Long Should My Child Ride With Training Wheels Before They Start?

Prior riding with training wheels is not necessary. It is actually preferred they have not ridden with them at all. Our method of teaching works on balance first, which training wheels don’t seem to help with much. They tend to be more of a crutch than to do any "training”. The first thing we do is take them off! But if they do have them, please leave them on their bikes as we can do a quick assessment prior to taking their training wheels off.

Can I watch as you teach my child?

Yes, from afar…it’s preferable that you remain a bit of a distance away for the first hour. As we all know, children behave differently around their parents, and it is often a lot harder when the child's parents are present. One of the reasons why we are able to be successful teaching your child how to ride their bikes (besides the fact that we are awesome at what we do) is because we are NOT their parents.

Will My Child Be Riding After the First Lesson?

Although we would love to say we will have your child riding on their own after the first lesson, each child is different. If your child is not ready, we never want to push them until they are.  And that is perfectly OK, and we will let your child know that. We will continue with as many lessons as it takes until your child is FreeRiding on their own!