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What We Do And How We Do It

Plain and simple. We teach kids to ride bikes unassisted (without training wheels) safely and confidently.

We teach with our proven “fearless/tearless” approach to learning. Everything is done in steps that build confidence to ultimately riding unassisted – or FreeRiding! We start with the most important part, balance. Once we have a strong grasp of this, we move onto pedaling, braking and starting on their own.


In Addition To Getting Up On Two Wheels, Your Child Will Learn:

Helmet Safety: How to protect their head by wearing and caring for their helmet.

The Bike: Understand how a bike works, and the parts of the bike.

Proper Braking: Breaking safely and efficiently.

Proper Starting: Getting the bike moving from a stopped position.


In order to participate, you child must have the following four things:



1. A BIKE*

2. A PROPERLY FITTED HELMET. Please see our safety section on proper fitting helmets.


NO Flip Flops, Dresses or loose clothing.

4. THE DRIVE TO DITCH THE TRAINING WHEELS and start riding unassisted on two wheels!

* If the training wheels are still on your child's bike, please DO NOT take them off prior to our lesson. We will take them off the bike at the start of our first lesson.  If your child does not have their own bike, we recommend borrowing a bike from a friend or family if possible (not buying a new one). Once your child is able to ride on their own, visit a local bike shop so your child can test ride and pick out a bike that is safe, properly sized, and comfortable riding. Let us know if your child doe not have a bike, we can help you with a solution. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide bikes during training sessions.


How much does it cost?

Please check our cost page for details.



Just click here to visit our CONTACT PAGE. Drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible to set up an appointment.  We’re used to working with busy parents and we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you.


Check our FAQ page for the most common questions we receive (what to bring, safety, cost...)